EmfPrinter 0.3.0

Virtual printer for EMF and WMF files


  • Simple to use
  • Free
  • Produces high quality vectors


  • Too basic for more advanced vectoring

Not bad

Why export printed data in EMF instead of another vector format such as SVG? According to the developers, it's simple. The Windows GDI printing system provides data to the printer drivers directly in EMF format which makes it "easy" to extract EMFs from printed data using a virtual printer driver.

EMF is an undocumented format which is very easy to render on Windows and is supported by all programs in the Microsoft Office suite and many others. Unfortunately it's also very difficult to edit preserving its "vectorness".

The best thing about EmfPrinter is that it's entirely Open Source so its free to use and it allows you to explore the source code and make your own modifications. It exports data directly in a vector format, without rasterizations which basically makes for better results. It's also very easy to install and use. It also includes all the utilities you need to edit the EMFs or to print directly in raster formats, if you really need, which are much easier to edit.

For those seeking a free and easy EMF Printer, this program does everything you need and more.

EmfPrinter is a virtual printer driver for Windows 2000 and higher which allows you to create EMF (Enhanced Meta File) and WMF (Windows Meta File - the old version of EMF) vector images from any Windows application which supports printing.

Additionally, the printer also supports more than 100 raster formats (PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, etc) in case you don't need vector images.



EmfPrinter 0.3.0

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